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  • OTDR NK2000/NK2230

    OTDR NK2000/NK2230

    The Mini-Pro OTDR is apply to FTTx and access network construction and maintenance, to test fiber breakpoint, length, loss and input light automatic detection, automatic test by one key.

    The tester is compact with 3.5 inch colorful LCD screen, new plastic shell design, shock-proof and drop-proof.
    The tester also combine 8 functions with highly integrated OTDR, Event maps, Stable Light source, Optical power meter, Visual fault locator, cable sequence proofreading, cable length measurement and lighting functions. It could quick detection of breakpoint, universal connector, 600 internal storage, TF card, USB data storage and built-in 4000mAh lithium battery, USB charging. It is a good choice for long term field work.



  • OTDR NK5600

    OTDR NK5600

    The NK5600 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer is a high-performance, multi-functional test instrument designed for the FTTx network. The product has a maximum resolution of 0.05m and has a minimum test area of 0.8m.

    This product integrates the OTDR/light source, optical power meter, and VFL functions in one body. It uses touch and key dual operation modes. The product has a rich external interface and can be remotely controlled through an Ethernet interface, or through two different USB interface, external U disk, printer and PC data communication.