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Huanet OLT 16 Ports

  • HUANET EPON OLT 16 Ports

    HUANET EPON OLT 16 Ports

    EPON OLT is a high integration and medium capacity cassette EPON OLT designed for operators’ access and enterprise campus network.

    It follows the IEEE802.3 ah technical standards and meets the EPON OLT equipment requirements of YD/T 1945-2006 Technical requirements for access network——based on Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) and China telecom EPON technical requirements 3.0.

    The OLT provides 16 downlink 1000M EPON ports, 4*GE SFP, 4*GE COMBO port and 2 *10G SFP for uplink. The height is only 1U for easy installation and space saving. It adopts the advanced technology, offering efficient EPON solution. Moreover, it saves a lot cost for operators for it can support different ONU hybrid networking.

  • HUANET GPON OLT 16 Ports

    HUANET GPON OLT 16 Ports

    GPON OLT G016 completely meets the relative standard of ITU G.984.x and FSAN, with a 1U rack-mounted device with1 USB interface, 4 uplink GE ports, 4 uplinks SFP ports, 2 10-gigabit uplink ports, and 16 GPON ports. Each GPON port supports the splitting ratio of 1:128 and provides downstream bandwidth of 2.5Gbps and upstream bandwidth of 1.25Gbps. The system is supportive of the accessing of 2048 GPON terminals.

    This product has a high performance, and compact size is convenient and flexible to use and is easy to deploy, which meets the compact server room’s requirements in device performance and size. Moreover, the product has a good promotion of network performance that improves reliability and reduces power consumption. This olt applies to the three-in-one broadcast television network, FTTP (Fiber to the Premise), video monitoring network, enterprise LAN (Local Area Network), internet of things, and other network applications with a very high price/performance ratio.